15 Apr The return of social gathering: what event management do

After series of social distancing and limitation in social gathering – a strategy to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it is good to know that social gathering limitation has now been reversed in Lagos by Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu. This decision will help the entertainment industry and event management to come back to their usual duties in full force. Even at this, most people and organisations have found alternatives, using online means to achieve their events but the space of face to face gathering is still missing. Here is a reminder of what event management companies cater for.

Research and goal setting:  the first thing to know is the objective of the event. Why and what is the purpose of the event, knowing that will give you easier insight to know how to achieve and deliver good works to the client. Also, you need to know the viability assessment which is establishing an event budget to figure out if it goes along with the event goal.

Choosing of theme and design the event: this is where the draft of your event comes into focus. The event management will work on the flow of the event, performing artist, speakers, when and where, sitting arrangements, food and drinks, style (modern or traditional) decorations, lighting and stages and lots more.

Attention on the details for a successful event:  this is the implementation stage, where you source for venues and meet vendors, contact the performers, speakers, designing post events, sending invites, tracking RSVPs and event registration numbers, clients updates and walk through, training staffs, organizing logistics, booking of accommodation if necessary, arranging of souvenirs and lot more depending on the nature of the event.

Event day: this is the main job for event managers, this is where all previous stages comes to life. This day includes, setting up a day before or morning of the event day, final walk through, technical checks, vendors and event staffs on standby, arrival and receiving of guests, coordination of event flow in sequential order.

Post event communication: event managers do not consider an event over until they receive feedback from clients, guests and team members. Also, this is where you hand over all necessary documents to the client like the guests’ list and comment book.

Happy that social gathering is back to life in Lagos, Nigeria, do well to contact emca, the best event management to help you organize the best spoke event ever!


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Moyomola Esther Bodunde



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