03 Mar The Future of events: Digitization

Although the world seems to be gradually getting back to its feet, the social distancing measures are far from over yet, which placed several activities operating on slow capacity, the reality remains that the effects of the present situation will continue to linger for a very long time.

Apart from sports, entertainment, health, religion, education and politics, the corporate world is the worst hit by this ‘global meltdown’ as many of their activities like the Annual General Meetings (AGM), workshops, symposia plus other corporate social events have either been scrapped or been postponed.

The reason behind this is the restriction placed on social gathering – as it now a heinous sin for a gathering of unnecessary numbers.

Having in mind that the beauty of the corporate world is its number – then, should the corporate world now go into extinction? Even before Covid-19, business owners and entrepreneurs would not deny the fact that they encountered various degrees of challenges which they found lasting solutions to.

Many have argued that the pandemic is a major setback to the corporate world, but the fact remains that this era is an eye-opener to some new inventions that would forever reshape the world of digitalization – and that is going virtual.

Going virtual would ensure that businesses go on as usual without the need for human contact which has been fingered as the major brain behind the pandemic.

Of a truth, no one can downplay the value and impacts of face-to-face meetings, but in this situations, we have no other option than to hold events virtually on platforms like; Webinars, virtual conferences, internal and external hybrid events, and live streams, Skype, Web Ex, zoom and lots more.

These online events can range from small sessions to large conferences with thousands of users; yet the aims and goals of such meetings, event and business will be achieved if explored correctly.

One advantage of this is that in future, there would not be the need of setting up offices – which in reality is very expensive to run and that will cut down unnecessary spending on transport, land use charge, utility bills [electricity, cable television subscription] and barrage of taxes.

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Moyomola Esther Bodunde



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